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  • What is Testing Techniques?

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     Black Box and White Box are testing types and not tetsing techniques.

    Testing techniques are as follows:-

    The most popular Black box testing techniques are:-

    • Equivalence Partitioning.
    • Boundary Value Analysis.
    • Cause-Effect Graphing.
    • Error-Guessing.

    The White-Box testing techniques are: -

    • Statement coverage
    • Decision coverage
    • Condition coverage         
    • Decision-condition coverage
    • Multiple condition coverage
    • Basis Path Testing
    • Loop testing
    • Data flow testing

    Aakash Bhavsar

    • Aug 7th, 2017

    Follow this: Methods of testing: 1) Black box testing 2) White box testing 3) Gray box testing 1) Black box testing techniques: Equivalence class partitioning, Boundary value analysis, Cause effec...

    Mayuri Padhye

    • Jul 19th, 2017

    As black box and white box testing are the types of testing then what are the techniques of testing