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  • QA Testing : What are the key elements for creating test plan?

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    Answered by: BISWAJIT PANI

    • Jun 15th, 2006

    1) Objectives

    2) scope

    3) Approach

    4) Testing Methodology

    5) Assumption

    6) Risk

    7) Contigency paln

    8) Delivarable

    9) Defect Reporting

    10) Efforts and Estimation

    11) Entry and Exit Criteria

    12) Roles and Responsibilities

    13) Schedules

    14)Testing environment



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    Sridhar Dommati

    • Nov 7th, 2011

    the question is "what are the key elements for creating Test Plan"? but all the people telling the contents of a Test Plan according to my view... "Test plan is a master document..which contains s...


    • Sep 21st, 2011

    Quality assurance for preventing defects and qc for detecting defects.............
    qa is done by developer and qc done by test engineer