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  • 2 batsman are on 94. 2 balls remaining and 7 runs to win. both batsman make 100 & win the match.

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    Answered by: balaji

    • Apr 12th, 2007

    one batsman hit the ball and going for single and because of continious over throw he got 6 runs and got out while going for 7. so he is out for 100. the team need one run to win.
    the new batsman come in at the non striker end and the other batsman hit 6 and get the hundred.

    S rajeevreddy

    • Nov 4th, 2017

    Match stopped due to rain so D/L Formula the target is 2 balls 7 runs to win match is restarted at 37.5 so that over last ball striker is hit the six and over completed and new over 45.1 first ball another batsman hit the six then both batsmen complete the 100 and target is completed

    jay mehta

    • Oct 8th, 2017

    1st batsman hit a six on the last ball of the over and got to his hundred so still 1 run is remaining to win . Now the other batsman again hits a six on the first ball of the next over so he also gets to his 100 AND they win the match.