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  • For a 100kw generator, only 50kw of load is connected. Will the generator generate only 50kw or 100kw? If it generate 100kw what happens to rest of the 50kw. What happens if we connect more than 100kw of load?

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    Answered by: joe

    • Dec 23rd, 2006

    100 kw is the full load rating of the generator..... ..that means it can supply 100 kw without exceeding in specified temperature limits .that doesnt mean that it wont be able to supply a load more than 100 kw,it can but not for a longer period of time.after sometime the generator will burn out.if a load of 50 kw is connected to generator the generator will generate only 50 kw& not more than that.the generator will generate power only according to the requirement.


    • Feb 7th, 2018

    Connected Load is 96kw &125kvaDG set will have run stand by unit for Hotel is suitable plz give your technical supporting answer

    Mayilsamy Kasipandi

    • Jul 11th, 2017

    The Generator produce the power is exactly what we withdraw as load. 100 kw genset can produce 1 kw to 115kw power depending upon the connected/withdrawing load. Normally the generator can produce 115% of designed rating.