Answered Questions

  • What is QA Life cycle?Can anyone describe it

    Zuhaib Ali

    • Mar 8th, 2018

    Quality Assurance life cycle includes the whole process of checking the quality of the software being tested from the planning phase of the development process till the product is deployed to the clie...


    • Nov 6th, 2007

    QA life cycle is nothing but activities covered before code is developed,  the steps includes 1)Review2)Walk through 3)Inspection4)Audit

  • What is the difference between Severity and Priority?Which one is used by a tester?


    • Aug 26th, 2014

    Severity describes the impact of the bug, where as Priority describes the importance and order the bug should be fixed.
    Tester will use Severity for reporting a bug.

    sandeep kumar

    • Jun 14th, 2014

    Both are used by the tester. Severity and priority are set depend upon the nature of defects. Ex:- If we are working on any project and after completion every thing was fine but there was a spelling...