4 years of experience in Manual Testing. Should I learn automation testing tool?

I have 4 years of experience in Manual Testing working in pune and then break of 2 year due to marriage and kids i want to again start my career in Testing what should i do should i learn some automation testing tool as there is hardly any vacancy for Manual Testing in Bangalore. If i attend some automation tool for say selenium after doing the course will i be considered as fresher or still my experience be count.Please suggest what should i do to get the job.

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  • Mar 20th, 2020

Hi, I know this is pretty late answer but neverthless could be useful to someone..
I have been in the same boat with 4 years in Manual testing and after returning from ML, I somehow managed to learn Automation but by that time my experience had been more than 6 years and I get calls for automation but only as an Automation lead meaning i requires very deep knowledge of Automation which is not just possible by learning.. after multiple attempts.. I had got back to manual and with knowledge of Automation got a Manual Test Lead job finally.

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