Server Down in LINUX

In LINUX OS if Server goes down, What will you do to restore it back?

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  • Jun 2nd, 2016

Server goes down in LINUX,

1. Check whether vm or physical -check on console there should be some thing displayed on console window -if kernel panic or gives blank window try for hard reboot.

2. Then also not came up server -try for boot with with current level OS CD in rescue mode

3. Some time due storage or fc issue server may not comes up, so go in boot option disable the fc and go in rescue mode make # in /etc/fstab for all storage related mount points and then try to boot it and then again enable the fc try to boot.

4. In all these cases you were not able to boot the server or you failed to do this steps check the os back up ,then go for restoration.100% you will recover the server from above options
--------this answer will gives for all server down or crash cases-------you can try in your environment also if server got as same situations.

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