Write test cases for online money transactions ?

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The Test cases would be like this :
1) Check for validation of User Authentication.
2) Check for validation of debiting the User account and Crediting into other party account(Fund transfer for both Local Currency and FOREX)
3) Check for Validation if Wrong account number is Entered and Process for Transfer of Funds.
And Do all the neagtive testing with these combination.
4) Check for session Closing due to Page Navigation,Request-Response time out.
1)Entering Valid account Number without Fund.
2)Entering Invalid Account number and Fund.
3)User Authentication using OTP.
4)Check for Request -Process and Response time validation.

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gokula rajasekhar

  • Mar 23rd, 2015

Below are test cases on high level which covers online banking for money transfer:

1) Open/Navigate to Banking site
2) Open/ navigate to internet banking page directly by entering URL or from Banking site home page
3) Enter valid internet banking log in credentials
4) User can cover few positive & negative test cases while entering log in details like what happens if login details are provided wrong for more than 3 times etc..
5) After logging into internet banking home page- check for page session time out
6) Verify amount available in account
7) Navigate to fund transfer page
8) If beneficiary is not added to account, try to transfer amount & check any error message is displayed
9) If beneficiary is not added, try to add beneficiary
10) If beneficiary details is partially entered, like account number, check total details are automatically populated on the page like bank name, account holder name, branch etc..
11) Check whether system is generating OTAC before adding beneficiary to account
12) Enter valid OTAC & submit the details- user can verify by entering invalid OTAC
13) Check system behavior when invalid OTAC is entered
14) Verify message is delivered to email/mobile when beneficiary is added
15) Write positive/negative test cases for fund transfer form
16) Now transfer amount to beneficiary more than amount available in account- check error message is displayed
17) Transfer amount to beneficiary with valid amount
18) Verify OTAC is generated & delivered to email account/mobile
19) Enter vaild OTAC & transfer amount
20) Check mail is delivered for amount transfer or any message is displayed for network connection or invalid account number
21) Check transferred amount is deducted from your account


  • Aug 19th, 2016

Hi I need some helps to create OTP test cases....

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