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In the American Engineering system of units, the viscosity can have units of (lbf)(hr)/ft^2, while in the SI system, the units are (g)/(cm)(s). Convert a viscosity of 20.0 (g)/(m)(s) to the given American Engineering units?

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paul ericson

  • Jul 22nd, 2015

1g/cm.s = 0.002 lbf.s/ft^2
so, 1g/m.s = 100g/cm.s
so, 20g/ms=2000g/cm.s
2000*0.002= 4lbf.s/ft^2
to convert into^2,. 1 sec =0.00027 hr. so multiply by 0.00027
so, 4*0.00027=0.00108^2.

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