What is the difference between a Java developer and Java designer?

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What exactly does a Java developer do?
On a typical day, you would be doing one or a few of the following tasks that are part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):
Gather requirements. You will be speaking with clients or managers who have a vision of what needs to be completed and with a project manager who will be tracking your progress. There may be discussions on which task should be completed first and what is the best course of action (COA). There are lots of things to consider such as whether there are things suggested by the client but cannot be implemented given the time constraint or go with an alternative plan.
Development. Given the requirements, you will start writing code. This is where your education on computer science concepts come into play. Basically, your are turning that vision into reality.
Testing. Once your feature is complete, you need to test to see if it works as envisioned by your client. There are always bugs that the developer doesnt catch the first time around, so once this is over, a developer would go back to fixing them.
Deploy. Deploying code to production (in the live environment) can be tricky because if something screws up, you need to revert the what you did to see what went wrong.
What Jav Designer do?
Java Designer will be responsible for designing software systems on Java technology, working closely with technical leads and architects to deliver fully tested applications. The role also involves liaison with Business Users, Business Analyst and Developers who will be responsible for definition and documentation of detailed Functional and Non-Functional requirements.

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