Write the testcase for login page

Username UN & password Pwd
1. enter valid UN and invalid Pwd
2. enter invalid UN and Valid Pwd
3. enter valid UN and valid Pwd
4. enter blank UN and valid Pwd
5. enter valid UN and blank Pwd
these are the what kind of testcase?

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  • Sep 3rd, 2015

This is the test cases of the exhaustive testing where combinations of the all inputs were tested inputs are
1. Valid UserName
2. Valid password
3. Invalid UserName
4. Invalid password
5. Blank UserName
6. Blank Password
One test case is missing
7. Blank UserName and Blank Password

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Vijeenrosh P W

  • Apr 27th, 2016

Login page requires (In addition security test):
1. Make sure username and password entered is validated in UI Side (using Javascript) for potential SQL Injection and CSS attacks

2. Disable Javascript validation, and enter malicious USERNAME/PASSWORD (Containing SQL injection).
Login should not happen

3. Validate against CSS attack. Make sure that along with the form a token (which changes every time) is there. So that Cross site request forgery wont happen.

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