How to send email notification for any grapgh failure in Ab Initio

How can I set up email notification graph failure in Ab Iniio to send ,which should include error message and componet details which caused the failure

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The graphs end script executes even if the graph fails so we can send an email in the graphs end script or else we can capture the graphs exit code int he wrapper script the graph is called and send an email.

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  • Feb 6th, 2014

Use plan. Run the graph through a task and check the return code of the task and if the exit code is not 0 then run a task which send a mail.

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  • Feb 9th, 2015

you can call the graph through UNIX wrapper and check the return value. if it is not successful use email command to send the mail to required parties.

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  • Apr 22nd, 2015

We can send the mail by using component of Send E-Mail notification.

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M Farhan

  • Dec 31st, 2018

in end script for mpjret !=0
use mail command from unix

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