Testing Steps - From which phase the testing should be started ?

As well as is there having any global standard testing phase which should be sequential. Like Unit testing - Module Testing ....so on.

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Testing starts at the requirement phase of the SDLC and continuous till the last phase of the SDLC.

Steps involved in testing
1.Static testing includes review of documents required for the software development. This includes following activities:
(a) All the documents related to customer requirements and business rules that are required
for software design and development should be handed over to QA.
(b) QA reviews these documents. The reviewing of documents includes comprehensive and
thorough study of the documents.
(c) After this there should be a formal meeting between the QA and development team
regarding these documents

2.After the Software development or build of a module, QA starts dynamic testing

3. Development and Testing environment should be made clear to the QA by the Development team. It include the following activities:
(a)- Server to hit for Testing
(b)- Installation of latest build on the test server.
(c)- Modules/Screens to test.

4.After this Test cases and test scenarios are prepared and then the Test execution by QC.

5.A comprehensive Report of Bugs is prepared by the Testers and a review/verification by QC/QA/Testing Head takes place.

6.Discussion/simulation of bugs by QC with development team if development team requires and time required for fixing the bugs should be made clear by Dev team at this stage.

8. Feedback from Development team on reported bugs with the stipulated time frame required to fix all bugs.

9. Any changes in the software being made in respect to fix these bugs should be made clear to the QA team by the Development team.

10.Testing team then Retests or verifies the bugs fixed by the development team.

11.Criteria for ending the testing should be defined by management or Test Manager Like when all major bugs are reported and fixed. Major bugs mean the bugs that affect the Business of the Client.

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