Daily tasks for an oracle dba

What are key tasks for an oracle dba on daily basis?

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  • Mar 15th, 2012

backups,performance tuning,

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Ankur Kaushik

  • Mar 15th, 2012

1.Connectivity: Make sure each database is available and accessible both by logging in via user applications, as well as running test scripts.

2.Backups: Check database and log backups, archiving and offsite storage.

3.Events: check all database logs, application logs and system logs, Agent history, device logs, NIC logs etc. Investigate any job failures

4.Processes: Check that all required processes on the server are running, including Replication

5.Integrity: Perform all database and server integrity checks; look for objects that break rules

6.Indexes: Check on indexes to see if they are being used, need re-creating, or if any are missing

7.Volumetrics: Check resources on the server such as files sizes and disk space, and monitor growth

8.Performance: Check application performance, and performance statistics, using the Perfmon tool; research and resolve any issues.
9.Procedures: Check all Disaster Recovery Plans

10.Security: Look for security policy violations

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  • Mar 22nd, 2012

Daily Tasks of DBA are following.

1. Disk Space checking for all databases, tablespaces, archive log destinations, dump destinations, and backup destinations.
2. All backup successfully finished or not.
3. Backup validation (to restore at testing database).
4. Alert.log checking for any critical errors.
5. Server load monitoring.
6. Network load monitoring.
7. Security auditing.
8. Scheduled process checking.
9. Scheduling database statistics.
10. Maintaining proper documentation.

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