Oracle exception block

In the exception part,what will happen if u don’t give (when others) where will it show error compile time or run time

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Giriraj Gupta

  • Feb 26th, 2012

Run time

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Now, to clarify, I am taking the following statement; "in the exception part, what will happen if you don't give the (when others) statement" to mean an exception block with no other when statements as well, in that case, an error would show at compile time.

If there were other when statements in the exception the code would compile, if an exception occurred and the other could not handle the error, then the handling of the error would be be moved up the calling stack until it was either handled or the application terminated because of the un-handled run-time error.

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  • Feb 27th, 2012

It will give the error at run time if it is not able to find the type of exception thrown in the current PL/SQL block or the outer block.
It will not throw the compile time error.

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