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Kindly Can any one tell me
i)how to write a test case for integration testing?
ii)if i register a user detail in one page it will automatically update in another page for that how can i write a test case?

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  • Oct 14th, 2011

Can you please elaborate your question and include more specifics.
But to give you a general answer to your question: Same as you would write any other test case.
Suppose you were testing a simple registration tool, you would write a test case that includes steps of filling out the registration form, submitting the form, and running a query to check the database, and rest of the pages where the information should be auto-populate.

integration test cases are lengthy but follow the same format as a normal test case. Not sure if I had answered your question..

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  • Nov 14th, 2011

Integration testing test cases :- Integration testing is done to ensure that the modules are integrated properly and to check the communication between modules

:-- So to write the test cases
:--- Simply enter the values in the Mandatory fields and Click the Submit/Login buttons ...

here we don't fill the values in each and every text box.. we simply enter values in all of the required fields and will click on the button to check the modules are corrected or not...

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