Difference between Test Scenario and Test Condition

I have a small query in Manual Testing(am working as a Software Test Engineer).I would like to know the definitions of Test Scenarios,Test Conditions with an example.We can Take a Simple example of a Google Page Login or any ATM related scenario...Please help me in finding the solution.Thanks in Advance.

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shanmugam L

  • Oct 5th, 2011

Test scenario: Set of test case is scenario.it defines the way/flow in which test case has to be executed.
basically simple test scenario has to be prepared for certain part of the function in the application. we need to elaborate the test case for the scenario we prepared.
Test condition: The input we are giving to test the application is what we call as test condition.

Vinod Babu

  • Oct 10th, 2011

Test Scenario: Is a functional flow in the application of a particular business process with short description.
Test Condition:Is a particular actor who performs activity on the application with different set of input data to get the application to behave according to the expectation.


  • Oct 14th, 2011

Please do not confuse a test condition with test case entry or exit criteria - pre/post condition or environment conditions. Read definition in ISTB if you want to be confirm!

Test condition can be a feature, piece of functionality, or anything that you intend to verify. In simple terms the goal of a test case.
Let's suppose you wrote a test case for yahoo mail authentication. In this case, test condition is the login functionality.

Test scenario can be a single or a group of test cases. In real world, users may be accomplishing online tasks in different ways. These different way are called scenarios.
these days we have "live chat" feature in many online shopping sites. So consumers can open a shopping site and select product to buy, or chat with a customer service rep using the "live chat" feature and then buy products. The goal for consumer in both the cases is the same - buying a product but how they accomplish it is different. So you have 2 test scenarios here - consumer buying a product without using the "live chat" feature and other, consumer chatting with a CSR and then buying products.

To test the both scenarios, you need to run more than 1 test case.

Hanish Gupta

  • Mar 21st, 2015

Anything and everything derived from test basis is test condition. Test condition is nothing but a test requirement. Test condition could be testable or sometimes non testable. Testable Test conditions are represented by one or many test cases.
Test scenario is a logical grouping of test cases. The approach to make that group could be different from forming a test condition


  • Jun 3rd, 2015

Test scenario is top view of functionality under test in Test scenario what to test the application,test scenarios identifies cover for all test are completed.

Test Cases is define how to test the application, here we are check happy path negative path, alternate.

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test basis(requirement) --> test conditions (features to be tested)--> test scenarios(different ways of testing --> test cases (inidvidual unit to be tested)

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