What is the purpose of auto-invoice, accounting rules?

What is the use of auto-invoice, accounting rules? why these are define in oracle receivables ?

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  • Feb 10th, 2012

Answer for use of Auto Invoice

After shipment process is made which is used to generate an auto invoice in AR. According to the accounting rule only the account values can be defined which account is to be credited and which account is to be debited.

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Dear Mr. Alfred,

I little bit disagree with your answer that account value is defined that which value is to credited or debited. But sorry to say in my opinion As per Accounting Rules, Account Head are strictly defined that which value should be credited or debited.

I hope you dont mind about my this post

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  • Mar 22nd, 2012

Hi Alfred,

Auto-invoice is a program that can be used to import and validate transaction data from other financial systems from which one can create invoices, debit memos, credit memos, and on-account credits. It rejects transactions with invalid information to insure the integrity of the data. This fits well with in Oracle ERP or to integrate with any third party application.
Top 10 reasons for using Auto Invoice
1. Powerful Interface Tool
2. Supports Oracle & Non-Oracle Systems
3. Import Large Amount of Data
4. Calculate or Import Tax
5. Group Lines & Invoices
6. Online Error Correction
7 .Lines Validation
8. Derive GL Date
9 .Import Flex fields
10.Import or Derive Accounting Info
What is inside AutoInvoice
AutoInvoice is a program set consists of 3 main programs. Each program will have unique nature of work to do and they are called internally except Purge program whose execution is derived on the setup otherwise ready to execute stand alone.
Master (RAXMTR)
Import (RAXTRX)
Purge (RAXDEL)
1. Auto Invoice Master program RAXMTR
Selects and marks records in the interface tables to be processed based on the parameters the user entered and then calls the AutoInvoice Import program. Auto Invoice Master program has no report output.
•Gathers statistics, it means it gathers the stats on interface tables and set the stats on certain indices on interface tables
•Marks interface records for processing by marking request_id
•Submits multiple workers for Parallel Processing by creating instances for request.
2. Auto Invoice Import Program Validates the selected record and creates transaction if it passes validation. Any record that fails validation is left in the interface table with an error code. Depending on the setup, related records may be rejected as well. This program has an output file called Auto Invoice Execution report, which you can view by clicking the View Report button in the Requests window.Working of Auto invoice , Validates data, Inserts records, Deletes interface data Only when system option purge set to ‘Y’
3. Auto Invoice Purge Program Deletes records from the interface tables. If you set the Purge Interface Table system option to No in Define System Option window, Auto Invoice does not delete processed records from the interface tables after each run,and we must submit Auto Invoice Purge Program periodically to clean up the interface tables. This program only deletes transaction lines that have been successfully imported.

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