Why do we need metrics in software testing?

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dadapeer shaik

  • Aug 17th, 2011

We can track and control the phases
we will know what we are testing or developing
To meet client expectations
Is the testing efficient
Trend Analysis
when to stop testing

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  • Sep 5th, 2011

To make ensure that every requirement got atleast one test case, in turn it gives confident that we have touched every corner of the requirements(SRS).

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  • Nov 1st, 2011

Adder you seem you have confused metrics with "matrix". You have given an answer for "why traceability matrix is necessary?"

The question was : Why do we need METRICS (not matrix) in software testing?
You could have answered you question if only you had googled for "metrics" meaning.
Think of this why do you need to see sales figures (metrics) as a business owner? Simple...to know how your company/business is performing - good or bad.

In the same way project stake holders - BA/ client/ Project manager ("PM")/test manager/ the services company you may be working for need the numbers to know how the project is progressing; how is the quality; etc.

Metrics always answer "how" questions.

Test metrics examples - test cases passed, failed, blocked, # defects/bugs, how many bugs fixed were fixed so far, how much time was consumed by devs to fix valid bugs raised by QA team, time consumed by QA team to do regression testing, DB testing, overall testing efforts converted into time etc.

This will answer
- client's question of how is my project progressing? Client has the right to know as client is paying your company do create/maintain an application.
- How is the quality of the application? test metrics will give a direct answer.
- How much time will QA team need to test XYZ application. QA team will look for similar application that was done in the past and dig in the the # of bugs and # hrs consumed by devs to fix these bugs, # hrs QA invested in overall testing efforts etc.

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