Need of functional testing?

What is the need of testing functional part of an application when structural part is tested properly?

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  • Oct 17th, 2011

Functionality testing is testing for requirements. So now tell us wouldn't you like to check if the application adheres to the requirements that client desires as they are paying for the entire project?

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  • Apr 21st, 2012

I didn't understand structural testing means, in functional testing to check the application functionality not only individual , but also different part(Combination) of the application functionality together should work as per the requirements specifications. for that reason we will do functional testing.

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  • May 29th, 2015

Structural testing is nothing but Integration testing it seems (Correct me if I am wrong)

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  • Oct 4th, 2015

Any application contains so many modules, so we have to check each and every module is working properly or not this is the main purpose of functional testing. "Checking modules, components and the functionality of application independently is called functional testing"

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  • Dec 7th, 2015

To see According to the requirement each and every components or fields are properly working or not for that purpose we need a functional testing.

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  • Dec 10th, 2015

Functional testing means testing the every components and features and modules and also test the data is transferred correctly between modules. Structural testing is on inside part of the software that conduct on source code not on developed application or outer part of the software or product.. Functional testing test outer part of the application and each and every features and modules.

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