Mapping Parameter Usage

Can any body suggest the practical example where mapping parameter or variable is used, Please suggest the same for session parameter and variable..?

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Rajeev Das

  • Sep 2nd, 2011

Mapping Parameter is a constant value which remains same throughout the entire session, whereas Mapping variable value keeps changing as many times we run the session.

Senario (mapping parameter),

suppose you want to enter extract individual customer data from source and load it into the target so instead of creating a new mapping for each individual customer we can set a mapping parameter with initial value and finally enter this mapping parameter in the parameter file. so when we need to load other customer data we need to change the value in the parameter file and run the same mapping once again.

Senario (mapping variable),

Using the same above example we can use mapping variable instead to achieve the same output. we can declare a mapping variable and set the initial value. then we can write an expression that increase the variable value by one after the execution of each session. consider the customer values are from (1 to 99) so the variable will hold value 2 in the second run, 3 in the third run and so on...

please correct me if am wrong!!


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