What is difference between BOXIR2 and BOXIR3?

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1.In xir2 we cant use excel sheets as the data provider and where as we can do this in xir3
2.we cant open xir3 universe in xir2 where as we can open xir2 universes in xir3

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we can't use excel sheets as the data provider in XIR2 where as we can use excel sheet as the data provider in XIR3
we cannot open XIR3 universes in XIR2 where as we can open XIR2 universes in XIR3

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XI r2----we used to do the webI reports in Infoview that is in the web.
XI r3----we can do the webi in both infoview and rich clint that is we can do the reporting in online and offline modes.
1. Web Intelligence Rich Client
2. Optional Prompts
3. Data Tracking
4. Instance Manager
5. Personal Folders(My Favourites can be seen through administrator login
these arethe major differences in XIr2 and XIr3

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Kiran Venkata

  • Oct 17th, 2011

Major difference b/w XIR2 and XI3.1 from the server part

1. we have a centralized server SIA which manages all the other servers in XI3.1.

2. In XI3.1 webi rich client has been introduced.

3. Security model is different regarding inheritance in XI3.1


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