What is data loading? Explain full refresh loading.

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  • Jul 13th, 2011

Data loading is exporting data to the target table.Full refresh loading is nothing but loading to the empty table every time. i.e The existing data will be removed every time and then data will be loaded. In DWH it can be implied with SCD type1 i.e Slowly changing dimension type1, which holds only current data.

Sreedhar Lokaray

  • Nov 3rd, 2011

In simple words, after transforming the data it is loaded into the DWH. Two distinct groups of tasks form the data loading function. When you complete the design and construction of the DWH and go live for the first time, you do the initial loading of the data into the DWH. As the DWH starts functioning, you continue to extract the changes from the source data, transform the data and feed the incremental or changed data on an ongoing basis.

Full Refresh: This type of application of data involves periodically rewriting the entire data warehouse. Means existing data will be erased/truncated before applying the incoming data.

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satwant singh

  • Nov 29th, 2011

Full Load is the entire data dump load taking place the very first time.
Gradually to synchronize the target data with source data, there are further 2 techniques:-
Refresh load - Where the existing data is truncated and reloaded completely.
Incremental - Where delta or difference between target and source data is dumped at regular intervals. Timsetamp for previous delta load has to be maintained.

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