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There are 3 girls in shopping mall, where they have the offer ""Rs 10 off on purchase of Rs 50 or above""..Now they all bought some good{girl 1- Rs 67, girl 2- 43, girl 3 - 17}. now what they do is they combine there good (girl 3 and girl 2) and they together pay rs- (57+50= 117), so as girl 3 and girl 2 satisfies the criteria and get Rs 10 off. the amount can be used is between 1-99. write the test cases on the above statement.

Rs 57 - because the cost of girl 1 is 67 hence 10 rs off
Rs 50- because the cost of good girl bought (43+17=60) hence 10 off i.e. 50

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  • Aug 22nd, 2015

1.Verify girl A good price is above the 50 rupees.
2.Verify girl A should get offer price because Girl As good price is above 50 rupees.
3.Verify offer price should deduct from the good price of Girl A and should display 57 rupees.
4.Verify girl Bs good price is less than the 50 rupees.
5.Verify offer price should not applicable because girl Bs good price is less than 50 rupees.
6.Verify girl Cs good price is less than the 50 rupees.
7.Verify offer price should not applicable because girl Cs good price is less than 50 rupees.The constant price should display as 17 rupees.
8.Verify combination of girl B and girl C goods price is above 50 rupees.The total price is 60rupees.They should get offer price as 10 rupees.
9.Verify combination of total girl B and Girl C good price should deduct 10 rupees from total price.
and it will display as 50 rupees.
10.Verify the combination of girl A and girl B + Girl C should get offer price 10 rupees and total rupees should 117 rupees.
11.Verify they should not get offer price again from total 117 rupees.

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