What is the use of Service Integration Bus ?

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  • Oct 17th, 2011

WAS 6.0, has a new feature called "Service Integration Bus" i.e. a new pure-Java JMS engine. SIB is a complete JMS v1.1 provider implementation. A bus is a group of one or more interconnected servers or server clusters that have been added as members of the bus. Applications connect to a bus at one of the messaging engines associated with its bus members.

The following capabilities are provided by a service integration bus:

1. Application sharing message with other system.
2. A message-producing application
3. A message-consuming application

A service integration bus supports asynchronous messaging; that is, sending messages asynchronously. Asynchronous messaging is possible regardless of whether the consuming application is running or not, or if the destination is available or not. Point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging are also supported

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