What is the difference between a Pull Pull & a Push Pull replication?

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  • Dec 27th, 2010

Pull - Pull Replication

In pull pull replication the Server A contacts Server B & Pulls all new and updates information
Then Server B contacts Server A and pulls all new and modified information
With this type of replication, both servers "share" the work of replication.
Over modem connections, however, Server A and Server B PULL simultaneously.
This approach helps maximize the usage of the low bandwidth connection.

Note : There is no console command equivalent to the Pull-Pull replication type.

PULL-PUSH: Server A contacts Server B and PULLS all new and modified information. Once Server A completes the pulling process, Server A PUSHES all of its new and modified information to Server B. The Replicator task on Server A does all of the work.

PULL-PUSH replication Command


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  • Jan 3rd, 2018

Pull Pull - Server A will pull the replication from server B then it will trigger the server B to pull from server A (bidirectional)

Pull Push - Server A will do the both activity pull from server B and push to server B

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