Catch (Exception)

Why is catch (Exception) almost always a bad idea?

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Since System.Excception will handle all the exception,  you should catch the exact exception types that you expect because these are the types your code is prepared to handle

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using "catch"  - its shrinks the performance of programmer
suppose if a programmer has to execute a value divided by zero its shows a overflow exception. so inorder to reduce this problem in a simple manner progm'rs using a "catch" handler.

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  • Aug 8th, 2011

Why are Catch (exceptions) bad? Somebody rate my answer! Because it starts at the TOP of the Exceptions hierarchy, and catches them ALL where you really only want to catch the exceptions that your program can reasonably handle. Usage error or logical errors can usually be handled but not system failures. Thus, you need to have the exact exception you need instead of ALL of them. This means using a specific catch handler.

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Charushila Kedar

  • Oct 25th, 2011

in try block we write the code of error occurring coding..
To handle this error, program needs an handler to this error., So, we can handle this by using Catch handler

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