Compute Average of Two Scores

Describe an algorithm to compute the average of two scores obtained by each of the 100 students

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This can be done using structures

struct student
int score1;
int score2;

int sum,avg;
printf("Enter the first score:");
printf("Enter the second score:");

Shikhar Singhal

  • Jun 10th, 2013


Let score1[100] and score2[100] be the arrays storing respective marks of the 100 students
let float avg[100] store the average of the respective students.

for n=0 to 99
avg[n]= (float(score1[n] +score2[n]))/ 2.0 //here 2.0 i simportant as it is used to get a floating point answer and not an integer value

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HAkizimfura Yves

  • May 27th, 2014

write an algorithm that will display the sum of 5 integers by using two variables only
NB: do not use loops!

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