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Before starting a load test, we need to know with how many vusers, the server has to be loaded. How will you calculate this vusers count? How will you determine the number of vusers with which the server has to be loaded?

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  • May 24th, 2010

a) Either you get the inputs from business in terms of the concurrent users they are looking at
b) You get the requirement as in the number of transactions/ requests per second [100 transactions /sec] being supported by system with a response time of 2 sec per page.

Assume that when you start testing, the response time will be around 5 sec, which means in the worst scenario, with one user you can generate 12 transactions per minute. In order to generate  60*100 transactions per minute-> you need 500 VUs.

As the response time decreases the number of transactions generated by the system increases and hence less number of users will be required to do the same job.

It is also vital to understand the scalability requirements of the system before coming up to the number of VUs.


  • Mar 12th, 2014

The number of Vusers the client has to be mention in Requirements.If they dont mention means we have to analize based on the Application

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