JCL Multi Threading

What is meant by multithreading in JCL?

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You can reduce the processing time of a job by using multi-threading, by separating the input into different ranges and execute the same programs by submitting multiple jobs per range.

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That's a trick question - JCL does not inherently support multithreading. 
(Assuming multithreading means running several programs/processes at the same time.)

A redneck way of accomplishing this is to forking other jobs to the INTRDR.  This isn't without risk, as you're assuming that all the jobs will finish before the next program pulls in all data processed by other threads.
There are many ways of accomplishing this from the simplest using system enqueue and duplicate jobnames.  The best way is to use a scheduler that has the ability to schedule many jobs at once and kick off the next job when all the prereq's have finished.

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