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How to change the default display? For deptno 10 show "Financial Department", for deptno 20 show "Account Department", for deptno 30 show "Management Information System", for deptno 40 show "Electronic Data Processing"

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  • Jun 18th, 2010

SELECT DECODE (deptno,10,'Financial Department',20,'Account Department',30,'Management Information System',40,'Electronic Data Processing')
FROM dept;

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  • Jun 19th, 2010

Use decoding to display names.

select decode(deptno,10,'Financial Department',20,'Account Department',
30,'Management Information System',40,'Electronic Data Processing','Unknown') from dept;


select case deptno
when 10 then 'Financial Department'
when 20 then 'Account Department'
when 30 then ,'Management Information System'
when 40 then 'Electronic Data Processing'
else 'Unknown'
from dept;

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