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Double Linked List

Make a middle node of doubly link list to the top of the list.
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Answered On : Aug 12th, 2009

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Let suppose x is the node to be moved to topx->next->prev=x->prev;x->prev->next=x->prev->next->next;x->next=head;head->prev=x;head=x;

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Answered On : Aug 19th, 2009

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Lets say if the middle node of the doubly linked list is "middle" and the start node is "head".then the code as follows.middle->prev->next = middle->next;middle->next->prev = middle->prev;// Now make the middle as head.middle->prev = NULL;middle->next = head;head->prev = middle;head = middle;

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Answered On : Nov 16th, 2009

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Node *n1,*n2;n1 = n2 = head;while((n2->next) && (n2->next->next)){     n1 = n1->next;     n2 = n2->next->next;]// n1 points to the middle nown1->prev->next = n1->next;n1->next->prev = n1->prev;n1 ->prev = head ->prev; //NULL generally, non NULL value if circular list.n1 ->next = head;head = n1;

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