Cookies and Session Variables

How does cookies differ from session variables?

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Ume Sharma  

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Cookies hold small text whereas session can hold bigger amount of data
All browser dose not support cookies.

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  • Aug 6th, 2009

Cookies are files on the users computer. The cookie can expire or be made permanent but the user can delete the cookie.
A session holds data with that session. The length of time a session is open can be changed. But after the session is finished the data is destroyed.


  • Aug 17th, 2009

Cookies are stored in the user computer but sessions are stored in the
All browser will not support cookies. But session will be supported by all
There is no option for disabling a session in the browser. But through browser
settings we can put off cookies.


  • Nov 3rd, 2010

Both are used as a way to store information pertinant to a specific user in context of a web application/website.
Cookies are persistant, however, and can be used even after the browser is shut down. They are small file stored on the actual machine itself that is read by the web applictaiion to gather information. This info can be used to control how the website behaves, The session variable are in existance only while the browser is open.

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