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What are four errors found in an alert (error) log that can ruin a DBA's appetite and how can you avoid them?

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I personally feel that more error we come across, more stronger our roots become. 
Errors are not gonna ruin the DBA's apettite. Both my pals above forgot the most notable 'ORA-00600 (Internal Error)'. They occur more than the most. :) And of course ORA-01578 (Block Corruption). We don't see them too often, Do we? It is yet another error which can be
very much solved in a corporate environment since they have back-ups even for a mouse-click ;)

Now, This error ORA-00060 (Deadlock) is not too tough to break through. You've got two options:- either rollback and rerun the statement (or) Wait till the statement is issue so that the resources are freed up. And
others are day-to-day alerts (Which can be pretty much ignored) like:

ARCx: Media recovery disabled

This message will be written into the alert.log if the arch process is started with the database being in noarchive log mode.

Ignoring SIGALARM Such a message is written into the alert log when a process that waited for a semaphoreThread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence 1558 Checkpoint not complete

This error message is written into the alert.log if a checkpoint cannot write all dirty db blocks to the online redo log.

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I agree..

Deadlock error: Oracle takes care by itself. No damage
Snapshot error: Rerun query. No damage

Ora-00600 : Internal.. very critical. Though directly Oracle has to be involved in resolution, still impact analysis and recovery has to be performed by DBA.
Backup-Recovery error: Very critical in production env where data size is huge. Time window becomes critical and operations are directly affected if backup is not compromised.
Block corruption: Can be very critical in high transaction OLTP env. On a bad day, this error can come on highly utilized table and DBA is directly blamed for business loss if operations are affected largely.

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If we are getting any issue regarding database while performing any activity we should check alert log file in dump destination.
1) Snapshot too old error (O1555)
2) Deadlock error
3) Any issue regarding backup & recovery

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