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How can you run batch test in QTP

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we don't have batch testing concept in QTP. But we Run actions as a batch. ie., we have call options like call to new action, call to copy of action..(in insert menu). By using these functions we can create more actions in a test and then run. That is it.

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If you are asking about the Batch testing/batch execution here are the details for you...

Executing a group of script files at a time is known as batch executio. To do the same QTP as provided a special tool by name test batch runner. Before using this tool one need to do the following settings in the QTP.


  •  Activate the menu item tools
  •  Select the option 'options'
  •  Select the run tab
  •  Select the check box allow other mercury products to run tests and components
  •  Click on apply and ok buttons
Navigation for test batch runner

Start->Programs->QTP->Tools->Test batch runner

Please let me know if you have any further quries on this....

Narin Kamuni

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