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BA Testing Role

What role does a BA play in the testing process of the requirements? List the different type of tests a BA is associated with.
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Answered On : Sep 4th, 2008

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Test Cases are written using the Requirements Specification document. Sometimes a BA will be asked to support the testing team for writing the test cases. But not always. The reason is as a BA you know what the stakeholder needs are but while  testing the negative scenarios some of the conditions may be overlooked by a BA where a tester can do the best. BA acts as an SME and works with the testing team. BA will be working with the business to do UAT.

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Answered On : Nov 14th, 2008

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What role does a BA play in the testing process of the requirements? List the different type of tests a BA is associated with. Depending on the organizational structure and the methodology used it is not uncommon for a BA to coordinate the testing efforts.  The PM will pretty much have their hands full with development issues, and the BA being the requirements 'guru' so to speak it is advantageous that the BA write the Test Plan, and Test Cases.  A good BA would think about this in advance and write their use cases or other form of requirements documentation in enough detail that they would be testable and you could just reuse those documents for testing efforts.  If that is not acceptable, you can always copy an past into a formal document "Test Case".  The BA would also need to coordinate with other people to set up scenarios so that data can be tested with more complex test cases.  Your Technical Lead should manage the bugs and there should be regular meetings held to review and discuss bugs/duplicates/new requirements/etc.  PM should track and report this detail to senior management---that is not the BA's job.  BA manages requirements and if they are responsible for testing, then they need to manage the requirements related to testing.  Don't be surprised if you need to write user guides also :-)

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