Project Estimation

Explain What do you mean by Project Estimation?

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Estimation of the size, cost, schedule, and resources is critical to the effective planning and tracking of a project.

Project Estimation is a process which will aid a project in preparing workable estimates as a basis for project tracking.

Narin Kamuni

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Project Estimation includes estimation of following things;

1. Project Schedule (In term of timelines i.e how much time it will take to
complete the project)
2. Resources (In term on man power how many professionals are required in order
to complete particular task under estimated schedule).
3. Cost (How much amount one should invest in order to get the targeted product
with the estimated time and resources)

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  • Apr 15th, 2009

Time to be taken, affored to be require mean how many people work on project, and budget to complite the the project. To Estimate All these things majorly consider under Project Estimation. If i am wrong Pl let me know!

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