Struts Heirarchy of Files

What is heirarchy of files in Struts?

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In Struts, the hierarchy is, first the control will go to web.xml, then it will check for struts-config.xml in it, it will access struts-config.xml and then it will go into the action-mapping where it will check for the Action class and accordingly it will call the jsp class from the input attribute present in struts-config.xml and then forward to the correct page. 

Struts-config.xml plays an important role in struts framework and it is used mainly to have an access to various Action classes using the Action-mapping element and then to forward it to appropriate jsp files.

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When the request is recived by ActionServlet it looks for the ActionMapping entries in the Struts-config.xml. ActionMapping returns the appropriate Action class where we handle the business logic.Finally execute() returns the ActionForward key (View).

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When we send the request from client then first it touches the ActionServlet--->RequestProcessor---->ActionForm(do the required validations)---->Action (execute method is executed)---->Service class(it is the model layer of MVC design pattern)----->DAO class(this class is used to interact with the database)----->response of database interaction is sent back to Action class--->Action class will display the response in terms of JSP on the client machine.

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