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Binary to Gray code conversion

Design binary to gray code converter
Asked by: gayatrisegu | Member Since Jun-2008 | Asked on: Jun 13th, 2008

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Answered On : Aug 30th, 2008

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It is easy to convert the binary number to gray number. First, for example take a binary number i.e ,101101.
Step 1: 101101 first write the MSB as it is i.e, darken bit i.e, 1
Step 2: add MSB and bit next to the MSB i.e, 1+0=1
Step 3: again add 0 and 1 we get i.e, 0+1=1Step 4: again add 1 and 1 we get 1+1=0
Step 5: in previous step carry is occurred so neglect that carry . note that don't add carry to next add numbersthen again add 1+0 1+0=1
step 6: add 0+1 0+1= 1 Answer: Gray Code is : 111011

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Answered On : Jan 20th, 2009

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Just like any other binary coded conversions. The number 9 in "8421" is simply "1001" and converted to Gray (2421) is simply "1111." This follows with all numbers.

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Answered On : Jul 20th, 2011

How come these 2 answers don't tally? if we were to use the first technique to convert binary 1001 it seems like we cant get 1111 doesn't it? or i mistaken the way?

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monu s

Answered On : Aug 25th, 2011

It should go like for eg..for 1010 d conversion will be 1111..n for 1001 d conversion will be 1101

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Answered On : Nov 15th, 2011

2421 code is a weighted code and gray code is an unweighted code.. so, they must be 2 different things

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Answered On : Aug 7th, 2012

1111 then we have to convert it by following method.
first step=write 1

second step=add 2nd position of lsb to first pos, of lsb=1+1=10=0
third step=addsecnd &third of lsb position=1=1=0


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Answered On : Nov 28th, 2012

Q: Where we use binary to Gray code and vice-versa...?

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Answered On : Dec 22nd, 2012

First write 1 then 1 EXOR 1 then 1 EXOR 1 THEN 1 EXOR 1
so answer is 1000

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