You are an electronic engineer . why do you want to join an IT company?

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aditi rai

  • Jun 19th, 2008

according to me to live is more than to survive and i can bring revolution in the field of it being an electronic engineer.

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  • Apr 3rd, 2009

In india companies that are based on electronics are very few and more over there are lot of companies for software and equally there is more competition for these companies So working in such a competetion will certainly bring out the best in us becoz where there is more competetion there is more efficeincy

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  • Oct 31st, 2009

Being an Electronics engineer I understand the development process and complete functionality of an electronic deveice but I am very egrous to know about the software development part for a particular hardware platform without which a hardware has worth nothing so for my complete knowledge and understaning of hardware and softwre, it is necessary for me to learn about software development process which is not possible withiout joining an IT industry, It will help me to corelate these two different areas which is mutually dependent to each other.

As an elctronic student I know the functionality of the hardware but I can't oparate it with out the IT knowledge so I want to know about IT functionality and I am much egar to see my eletronic devices in a strange angle.

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  • May 30th, 2015

In India, IT companies have placed a very contributing hand in order to provide an effective platform for the new comer to show and enhance their skills and contribute to the economy of the company as an electronics engineer, i know the physical operation of the devices i.e... the hardware portion but the hardware and software are mutually interconnected areas so to have complete knowledge of both hardware and software bring me here to join IT company.

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  • Aug 11th, 2015

As I am from electronics, I have knowledge on both h/w and s/w. but here is the question why have you choosen it becoz without hard ware their is no software... software is the set of instructions followed by hardware... so I can manage s/w as well as h/w so I have choosen s/w

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  • Dec 10th, 2015

Software and Hardware are mutually dependent, I found that my electronics devices became more intelligent with the programming. So I became more excited about programming and eager to know about it, and more over diversity of thinking will be there. A electronics engineer thinks in different way about software development than a software engineer thinks. So different varieties of ideas can only come up with different kind of engineers only.

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