Physical and Logical Backups

What is the difference between physical and logical backups?

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  • Jan 11th, 2013

Logical backup means backup of tablespace in the form of binary but physical backup means backup of databfile, controlfile, logfile, spfile

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Logical backup implies taking "logical"copies of the database, i.e., the tables, indexes, synonyms, triggers, tablespaces, etc.
Physical backup implies taking a "physical" or "actual"backup of the database, in the form of all the files involved in making up the database, such as datafiles (.dbf). controlfiles (.ctl), redo log files (.rdo), archived redo log files, spfile and init.ora file.

Physical backups come in two forms: cold (or offline, in NOARCHIVELOG mode) and hot (or online, in ARCHIVELOG mode).

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