What is ADO .NET? Define the Data providers and classes of and its purpose with example?

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ADO.Net: Activex data obejct.

The most important section in ADO.NET architecture is "Data Provider". 
Data Provider provides access to datasource (SQL SERVER, ACCESS, ORACLE). 
In short it provides object to achieve functionalities like opening and closing
connection, retrieve data and update data.  In the below figure you can see
the four main sections:


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  • Oct 23rd, 2011

ADO.Net: Activex data obejct.
By using ADO.NET data can be retrieved from one data source and saved in another. ADO.NET is a part of .NET framework architecture.

A DATA PROVIDER is used for connecting to a database,retrieving data,storing the data in a dataset,reading data and updating the database.
four main types of data provider are:- SQL SERVER , OLE DB , ODBC , ORACLE

THE FOUR KEY COMPONENTS OF A DATA PROVIDER ARE:- connection , command, data reader, data adapter

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