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What is the difference between Tangible Assets & Intangible Assets ?

Asked by: dingregurudatt | Member Since Jun-2008 | Asked on: Jun 5th, 2008

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jite ometan

Answered On : Jun 25th, 2008

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tangible assets are assets that can be seen eg fixed assets motor vehicles etc or stock items,while intangig;le assets can be good will of a company

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Tangible assets - which is visible, like machine & apply IAS 16Intengible assets - which is invisible, like goodwill, brand name & apply IAS 38.

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naina goel

Answered On : Sep 13th, 2011

Tangible Assets are those assets which we can see or touch like fixed asset ,machinery,etc.
intangible Assets are those which we can't be seen like goodwill of the company.

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