What do we mean by Database Testing ? What is the exact meaning of Database Testing

I want to know what do we mean by Database Testing, as well as what role does a Database Tester plays meaning does he performs the similar role as a DBA does or what exactly?

What things are performed in Database Testing?

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  • Sep 23rd, 2009

There are various levels in database testing, starting from just seeing whether the database has correct value to 'SQL injection'.

Generally database testing includes verification of

-Accuracy of Data
-Data Integration
-Data type and field size validation of columns
-Long sequence testing
-Volume testing for query tuning
-Stored procedure validation

Database is a backbone of any of the dynamic web site. It needs a through testing to make an efficient and almost error free site.

Database Testing includes:
    Load testing
    Performance Testing ex. speed testing
    Data integration testing ex. transaction handing
    Data consistency testing
    Security testing ex. sql injections
    Failover testing
    Exception Handling testing
    Database replication testing
    OLAP and OLTP testing 

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