Difference between Oracle 11i and R12


Can anyone of you give me some points on what are the major differences between Oracle 11i and R12 on the below modules

1. iProcurement
2. Purchasing
3. iStores

Waiting for your reply.


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  • Nov 28th, 2008

1) Oracle Purchasing Release 12.0 speeds up daily purchasing tasks with an
enhanced Professional Buyer’s Work Center. Based on the latest web-based user
interface models, the Work Center is a central ‘Launch Pad’ from which buyers
can efficiently perform their daily tasks:

1. View and Act upon Requisition Demand
2. Create and Manage Orders and Agreements
3. Run Negotiation Events including Auctions and RFxs (requires Oracle Sourcing)
4. Manage Supplier Information

2) In Release 12.0, Oracle Purchasing will leverage the new Multi-Org Access
Control capabilities to support more streamlined operation of Shared Procurement
Service Centers. Without changing Responsibility, and without closing windows,
buyers will now be able to view consolidated requisition demand spanning
multiple operating units. Using a single Responsibility, they will be able to
manage demand (i.e. requisitions), conduct sourcing events, enter into
agreements and issue purchase orders on behalf of any of the operating units
that they serve. The operating units that they can transact on behalf of will be
controlled by the security profile associated with their responsibilities.

3) In Release 11i10, generation of purchasing documents in Adobe PDF format
required organizations to create layout templates in the form of XSL-FO style
sheets. With Release 12.0, organizations can also use RTF or PDF layout
templates which require little training to configure and maintain.

4) Oracle Purchasing supports various types of file attachments (MS Word,
Excel, PDF etc.) that can be appended to purchasing documents in addition to
long and short text attachments. In previous releases, only text attachments
were communicated to suppliers. With Release 12.0, buyers can communicate all
necessary attachments to suppliers, including file attachments via email.

5) Release 12.0 allows finer control of how blanket agreements are enabled
for automatic document sourcing. Buyers can now choose to enable them only in
specific inventory organizations. Thus, buyers can negotiate a blanket agreement
to fulfill requisition demand for a subset of inventory organizations and enable
the agreement for autosourcing only in those inventory organizations.

1. In Oracle 11i 3c's i.e Currency, Calendar, Char of Account
In R12 4c's
include sub-ledger account also

2. In invoice screen invoice lines

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