How to solve Problem "winrunner cannot identify object"


Can some one Please reply as soon as pos about solution when winrunner gives error " cannot identify object"

Details:-I recorded a (dot net ) windows application ,while running it gives this error,when i checked using gui spy ,the window id stored in GUI map editor is totally different from runtime window id

in gui map editor it shows:

msw id_68259


and run time id is


msw id_236789


how can this be solved using Regular expression or is there any way by which winrunner can take run time id without giving this error?

Urgent reply is needed

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some times it happens because of the GUI map file is full with objects. so empty the GUI map file before recording(tools--- GUI map file--- clear)
or you can make winrunner identify the object by using hand symbol (when ever the error comes , a dialouge box apper with hand symbol) you can use that one too.

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