Impact analysis in mainframe

What is meant by impact analysis in mainframes

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  • May 6th, 2008

Hi Ramya,
    Impact analysis is not particularly for mainframe, its a general one. In mainframe Impact analysis means if u want to change any program than we have to check what are all the programs, jcl's, copybooks, procedures, tables, files  related to that program will going to effect(change). if u r coding frm the scratch itself then no need of the impact analysis.


  • Jun 19th, 2008

Impact Analysis:
If a change requested to an existing process, need to analyse the impact on entities

Interview Purpose
Requirement - Size of a field need to be increased in a copybook

Before giving estimation to above requirement, we need to do impact analysis

1. Validate the changes required to the copybook
- If FILLER (unused space) exist, use that space to increase above field. This will save from increasing copybook length
- If no FILLER exist in copybook, increase field length, which will increase copybook length
2. Search for Programs used this copybook. Analyse the usage of field in these programs. If the field value is moving to any working storage field, start analyse the impact of that working storage variable
- If the program is a sub-program, validate if this field moving to main program through linkage section variable
3. Validate the files linked to the copybook
4. If the filed value is moving to any database, then validate DCLGEN
5. If the value moving to any online programs, analyse if it requires any changes to online screen


  • Aug 2nd, 2008

When you do some changes in any object (e.g. Cobol, Copy book or table or proc or card). Due to that change how many elements are implected? This is called Implecte Analysis.

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