High Level Use Case?

What is high level use case? What are the list of documents a business analyst should maintain?

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  • Apr 27th, 2008

High level use cases are nothing but which include lot of functionality and its even complex to implement.Based on the functionality we write the use cases.
For any use case BA need to maintain Use Case document which depict main scenarios, attributes, actors of a usecase.
Use case document is nothing but a list of use cases and adjacent to each and every use case a BA should have a use case daigram so that if any one look into the daigram they should get to know what the use case is about.This is maily for SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) so called Users who dont have much time to go thru the whole use case.

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  • Jun 18th, 2008

A high level use case tends to be more  narrative.It would   be  description in  a paragraph or two  depicting the high level requirements relative to the application

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I would consider high level use case as a detailed use cases.

It contains, Name of use case
                   Unique ID
                   Primary Actor
                   Seconder Actor
                   Brief Description
                   Pre Condition
                   Post Condition
                   Happy Path
                   Alternate path
                   Exception path


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