Difference between Database and Datawarehouse

What are the difference between a database and data warehouse?

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Normally database means deatailed data, and Volatile data and which contains summaraised data ,Non Volatile and subject oriented and time varient systems called as datawaer house

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As per my knowledge : actually clusters will be using to not to have down time in the source system. mpp means massivly parlell processing (i.e parlelly processing from the source to target massively by placing multiple processors) but coming to cluster point,
first of all when ever we are fetching data from one 'A'system to 'B' system,'A' system should be down then only we can fetch data from 'A' to 'B'.
so now here by using cluster we do not want to down the 'A' system 

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Data mart is subset of dataware house
In Brief: Assume that there is an company called vijayJDK,
 and it is havaing 4 dept
now if you develop dataware house for any of them above 4 dept's we call them as datamarts,and then if you consolidate 4 dept's then ,that will be called as dataware house

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Database is a collection of mostly recent data. Where as Datawarehouse consist of historical data the size can vary upto 100 GB or more.
Datawarehouse is a combination of datamart used mainly knowledge processing.

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  • Jul 28th, 2008

Database :- database is a collection of related information stored in a structured form in terms of table so that It makes easier insertion, deletion and mainupulation of data. database consist of tables that contain attributes.

DatawareHouse :- a data warehouse is a database system optimised for reporting.data warehousing involves architectures, methodologies and technologies that enable an organisation to better utilise its data in a way which minimises the load on source database systems. A data warehouse sources its data from the main operational systems but performs its own processing and stores the data efficiently to allow the data to be presented in the most usable format.

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