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What is Repeater Table ?? How its More Useful Over List Table ??

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Use repeaters to repeat items when you run the report. For example, you can use repeaters to create mailing labels, including customer names and addresses.

To build a repeater, drag the Repeater or Repeater Table object from the Toolbox tab to the work area. Use repeaters to repeat items across a single row without a particular structure. For example, you want to create a list that contains Year, and Product line. For each year, you want all product lines to appear in a single row. To do this, create a list with Year as a column and with a repeater as a second column. Then insert Product line into the repeater. Use repeater tables to repeat items in a table structure. Drop the items in the repeater, and modify the properties of the repeater to obtain the results you want. For example, you can specify how many frames appear per page in a repeater table by typing values in the Across and Down properties.

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